Our Excelso arabica coffee is creamy, rich & delicious

3 Bean Blend

Explore the rich blend of Costa Rican, Colombian and Indian Coffee


All of the flavour of regular coffee but less of the Kick 😉

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Is selling on Amazon easy?

Is selling on Amazon easy? Want to start selling on Amazon? – Let’s start at the beginning you can either let Amazon sell & dispatch your product (FBA: Fulfilled by Amazon) or you can let Amazon sell your product and you dispatch to the customer (FBM: Fulfilled by Merchant) The

ground coffee

Coffee, Caffeine & Crohns.

Crohns & Ground Coffee a match made in heaven or caffeine hell? I appear to have fallen down a rabbit hole. I began with writing a piece on caffeine and end up with all kinds of inflammatory bowel diseases. 🤔 My intention was to highlight the effects of Ground coffee

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Why do some people find our non-bitter coffee bitter? 🙄

 Why do some people find our non-bitter coffee bitter? 🙄 Yep we get it we’re all different – it’s like eating Brussel Sprouts, as a kid I would have rather chewed my left leg off than eat a brussel. Happily, the maligned brussel has had the bitterness bred out of it but we

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Coffee Ice Cubes – How to make them.

Coffee Ice Cube Recipe You wouldn’t believe it but making Coffee Ice Cubes could get complicated 🤪 It’s a bit trial and error before you find the right coffee, the right amount of coffee to water ratio. If you don’t want to be wired all day then choose a regular