Crazy Cat Ground Coffee

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Back in 2016, we had an idea to sell the coffee we had just been given by a local roaster under our own brand.

We loved it so much we thought you would too so we are inviting you to join our Crazy Cat Coffee Online Community – welcome.

Our coffee is roasted & ground by John who has over 30yrs experience in the industry. He provided us with our first single origin Colombian Excelso coffee, roasted to a medium strength 3. It has no bitter aftertaste so it’s perfect if you’re new to coffee.

Our 3 Bean blend came next, we wanted a slightly darker roast so it’s a medium strength 4 a rich mix of Colombian, Costa Rica & Indian cherry which produces the crema. This one is has a hint of caramel and can be drunk black or white. In fact try it black first!

Don’t Dis the Decaf! we are constantly being asked for decaf coffee and whilst the coffee police will poke fun at us we give our customers what they want. Our decaf is Italian roasted to medium strength  3 so you get all the flavour of regular coffee but non of the caffeine kick.

For the time being, you can buy our ground coffee via 

We’re about to launch “Flat packed coffee” so you can shop from our website via Paypal – coming soon.