Welcome to Crazy Cat Coffee - we sell high quality ground coffee via our website & amazon.co.uk

and this year we have decided to help sponsor our local rugby club

and it's not all about beer & rugby ...well mainly but that's not the point. We've been involved in our local club Hinckley Rugby Football club for over 10 yrs when our son joined the junior side & we helped coach & run the team up to colts level. When we  established Crazy Cat Coffee in 2016 we were able to give something back to the club in a different way

Crazy Cat sponsors local rugby club
Ours is a small contribution compared to the big boy sponsorship but sports clubs have to be maintained, staffed & supported in many different ways. The experience the kids get is immeasurable, and hopefully they will go on to play  senior rugby at club, county or country, which is a fantastic achievement made possible by local companies supporting local teams - get involved in your community

Our Crazy Cat Coffee story – I knew what I liked & disliked about coffee - there are so many on offer & I just didn’t know what to buy

So here’s a quick breakdown of what to look for in a ground coffee – it’s a very rough guide!

Central & South American coffee - hints of chocolate, nutty and caramel flavours, sweet, little or no bitter aftertaste

East African or Arabian coffee - fruity, heavy & wine-like flavour

Asian coffee - earthy, more bitter than sweet in comparison to other region

Indonesian coffee - earthy, spicy flavour. If you want more bitterness, but flavoursome

Starting with the basics - fresh is best

If you don't have a coffee bean grinder go for ground coffee (filter ground). It won't retain its freshness as long as a bean but it’s a good place to start.
One more important point before you dash off to the supermarket (or Amazon) - coffee roast types:
• Espresso roast - designed for espresso coffee machines
• Filter roast - designed for pour over method of making ground coffee i.e. Cafetiere, Aeropress, drip fed
....and this is where it gets as murky or milky as you like - another guideline...
• If you prefer black coffee go for single origin coffee (from a single geographical location - such as a farm or estate)
• If you like to drink coffee with milk/cream go for a blend

First, try your coffee black & add milk if you want .... I hope you are still with me!
This is why we decided to start our business offering South American coffee - it's rich, full of chocolatey/caramel flavours and most importantly has no bitter aftertaste

Delicious black or white, no bitter aftertaste

Make in a cafetiere & most coffee machines

Gives you energy & can boost your mood!

Ideal gift for under £10 (inc. postage)

Takes less than a minute to order - click on the coffee below