Whilst our Decaf has Rainforest Alliance Certification it doesn't mean our other coffees aren't "Ethical". Our coffee roasters work hard to ensure that they pay a fair price for the coffee they source & buy.

The reason we do not hold Fairtrade & Rainforest alliance for all our coffees:

The first reason is availability. Fairtrade and RA coffees are often available only for a short time.

The second reason is that just because something isn’t Fairtrade or RA doesn’t mean that it’s not ethical!

Our Coffee roaster has visited the mills and co-ops that we buy our blending coffees from in Colombia (Bucaramanga and Medellin Excelso), Brazil (Santos) and Sumatra (Lintong and Wahana), and can vouch for their fairness and decency in the way that the mills and smallholders interact.

Due to the nature of coffee being produced in the main (85%of global crop) by smallholders, i.e. farmers with 10 acres or less, on occasion a small part of a batch of milled coffee will indeed be certified, but in order to comply with the regulations we cannot claim it is RA or Fairtrade.