How To Buy Coffee

So here’s a quick breakdown of what to look for in a coffee – it’s a very rough guide!
Central & South American coffee for a hint of chocolate, nutty or caramel flavour, sweet with little or no bitter aftertaste.

East African or Arabian coffee for a fruity, heavy & wine like flavour.

Asian coffee for earthy more bitter than sweet in comparison to coffee from other regions.

Indonesian coffee for earthy, spicy flavour. If you want something bitter, but flavoursome.

Starting with the basics – Fresh is best.

– If you don’t have a coffee bean grinder go for ground coffee (filter ground). It won’t retain its freshness as long as a bean but it’s a good place to start.

– One more important point before you dash off to the supermarket (or Amazon) – Roast types:

• Espresso roast – designed for espresso coffee machines
• Filter roast – designed for pour over method of making coffee IE Caferiere, Aeropress, Drip fed.
and this is where it gets a murky or milky as you like – another guideline for you
• If you prefer it black then go for a Single origin coffee (from a single known geographical location – such as a farm or estate)
• If you like to drink it with milk/cream go for a Blend
First, try your coffee black & add milk if you want to…. I hope you are still with me!

1) Delicious black or white, no bitter aftertaste.
2) Make in a cafetiere & most coffee machines.
2) Gives you energy & can boost your mood!
4) Ideal gift for under £10 (inc postage)
5) Takes less than a minute to order!