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About us

It all started way back in 2016 when we found an amazing coffee roaster in Chesterfield.

John (our coffee roaster) has over 3 decades of experience and has guided us to the best coffee we have ever tasted.

They supply us with top quality coffee and as everyone (except my dad) shops on Amazon where best to create our own brand and supply the nation with delicious filter ground coffee?

The name came from a kitten we rescued, utterly crazy & fearless.  Unfortunately, our kitten is no longer with us but her name lives on.

"Crazy cat doesn't sponsor the team for any financial benefit but do it to support grassroots rugby"

As a family, we have been involved with HRFC for many years as our son played & Al coached.

Sport & rugby specifically brings huge benefits to Adults, children & their families in many ways and we are proud to be able to lend some financial support to ensure the team has the facilities, kit, and training gear they need.

Of course it's not all business we get to be actively involved with the club from the Didi mini rugby right through to watching the first team play...and then there is the rugby lunches where it can get very messy..on and off the pitch!

What we stand for:

Even though we don't have "the badges" to prove we're ethical it doesn't mean our coffees aren't ethical.

Our coffee roasters work hard to ensure that they & we pay a fair price for the coffee.

Delivering a perfectly balance coffee -  of flavour, aroma, strength & body.

Freshly ground stock - we only grind small amounts of Coffee to keep our stock fresh and enjoyable. We replenish our stock every 5-6 weeks.

Rich & Full Flavour - our ground  Coffee is creamy, delicious and perfect for waking up to any time of the year.

Suitable for cafetieres & most coffee machines - it's roasted and filter ground to perfection in the UK.

So start your day the Crazy Cat way - enjoy.