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To assure you of our best service at all times our coffee is only available to purchase through Amazon.  Please click on the image of your preferred choice and we’ll take you straight there.  Free next day delivery with Amazon Prime.

Crazy Cat Colombian Ground Coffee, Non Bitter, Medium Strength 3, Arabica Coffee, Full Fresh Flavour, Roasted and Ground. Perfection 250g


Crazy Cat Colombian Coffee Beans, Non Bitter, Medium Strength 3, Arabica Coffee, Full Fresh Flavour, Roasted to Perfection 250g


It takes less than a minute to order via Amazon.co.uk.  Delicious black or white with no bitter after taste.  Make in a cafetiere then sit back and enjoy. Simply click here to order.

About us

I’ve been walking up and down the aisle for at least 15 minutes…

… no I’m not in church getting married I’m at our local supermarket looking at the vast choice of coffee on display.

No wonder it’s confusing to people who regularly drink coffee let alone the ones who would like to try it but do not know where to start.

This is where it all began in 2016 when we started Crazy Cat Coffee – I kind of knew what I liked & disliked about coffee I just didn’t know what to buy.  So we approached a friend who owns a coffee roasting business In Chesterfield and asked him to help us market our own brand of smooth ground & whole bean coffee. We have selected a few of our favourite coffee which we only roast in small batches to ensure it is fresh & delicious, we hope you like them too.

We have chosen amazon to partner us in our business ensuring you have fresh coffee delivered direct to your door (in 24hrs if you have Prime)